Thursday, August 30, 2012

SMASH Your College Memories


One of my hobbies is scrapbooking, but when I came to college I realized that I didn't have as much time and sometimes I didn't end up with pictures to scrapbook. My sophomore year of college SMASH books by K&Company came into the scrapbooking world and my mom gave me one. Now you can even find them at Walmart and Target!

I found that this was a fun and easy way to document my college memories, even if you have never scrapbooked before. I've been using this one since my sophomore
year and I already have another book ready to go when I fill this one up.
The books come in all different styles and colors with a pen that has a glue stick on the other side. You also get to choose from their large line of cute accessories. Here are some of the accessories that I have acquired over the past year:
These are just a few of the pages that I have Smashed!

You can put anything in the book! In the top picture I included part of a tshirt I wore during a paint wars activity. In the bottom picture I included a nametag, receipts, quote from a magazine, and a card that my mom sent me.

For December I completed a page dedicated to my favorite holiday foods and used a Starbucks pastry bag. I also did my version of a "December Daily" page and documented all the fun stuff I did throughout the month.
This is a page I did after I went to two concerts. I just printed out the pictures I took in wallet size and included the tickets from the events.
College goes very fast so find a way to preserve all those memories!

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