Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dorm Decor: Clothesline for Photos

This year I am lucky to have an apartment style dorm and I have been working on getting settled in this week. I love displaying pictures in my dorm because it makes it feel even more like home. Today I added this clothes line style decor to my wall to display pictures and cards.

I attached small Command hooks in the corner of each side of the wall. I tied yarn that I got on sale for .88 to each hook. Because the clothespins are a little heavy for the yarn I also used sticky tabs to attach the string to the wall. The tabs are covered by the tissue paper flowers.

To make the flowers I cut out circles from tissue paper (2 circles per flower) and folded them in together. I then stapled the circles together in the back and stuck them over the sticky tabs.

I can't wait to add more pictures and cards as the school year progresses! Here is what it looks like on the whole wall:

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