Friday, August 10, 2012

Favorite Five Friday: Dorm Essentials

Freshmen move-in day for NKU is a week away! I can’t wait for the campus to be busy with people again. This will be my third year living in the dorms so I wanted to share some dorm essentials that you might not think about.

1. Mattress Cover and Pad
Protect your bed from bed bugs with a cover that zippers around your entire mattress. Then add some comfort with an extra mattress pad. You never know how old that mattress is or who used it before you.

2. Clothes Drying Rack
A lot of my friends were amazed when they first say this is my room because they had never used one before. It folds up for easy storage and allows you to save money on laundry. If I’m afraid something will draw up I always put it on this drying rack versus a regular dryer.

3. Good Wall Adhesives
If your dorm is older it will be tough to get things to stick to the walls and most places forbid using nails. The worst thing is having your bulletin board fall on you in the middle of the night. I attached ribbon to things I wanted to hang and invested in some Command hooks. Adhesive tape is helpful as well.

4. Power Strip
Your room will not come with many outlets and you will have to share them with your roommate. Make sure you have a power strip to ensure you can plug in your mini-fridge, printer, alarm clock, etc.

5. Make-up Mirror
Your own mirror will be a lifesaver when you and your roommate are trying to get ready at the same time or you don’t want to go to the floor bathroom. Plus, dorm lighting usually isn’t the best for applying make-up.

These are just a few items that I have really found helpful in my years of living in a dorm. My advice is to come with the essentials and buy more as you discover that you need it. Freshmen usually end up overbuying and sending a lot of stuff back home after the first few months.

Also, for move in day I suggest suitcases or bags with handles or wheels versus the big tubs. The tubs get very heavy, the lids don’t stay on well, and they are hard to carry.

I hope this is helpful! Get excited for move-in day!

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