Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to Be Happy

There are several reasons why I am happy today. The most important being that it is my boyfriend's 22nd birthday! We enjoyed celebrating with friends and eating chocolate chip cookies :)

Another reason is that I am so happy that I am a sorority woman. Even though I am an alumna now, Delta Gamma continues to give back to me. Since my resolution this year is to focus on the word enjoy, I've recently been looking into books, blog posts, articles, etc. that are about enjoying life and being happy. Yesterday I got this awesome book from Delta Gamma in the mail and one of the topics is, "How to Be Happy".

Based on various research and studies, here are some keys to happiness as shared in this book.

-Staying busy
-Religion (no single religion claims the highest happiness level)
-Healthy Relationships
-Appreciating what you have

I agree that these items can help you maintain happiness. Happiness is a choice and I chose to enjoy life by staying busy, pursuing God and healthy relationships, and appreciating what I already have.

Finally, I have one more reason for enjoying today and being a sorority woman. I got my Anchora in the mail and it features Delta Gammas that are teachers! I can't wait to read about how my sisters are doing good in the education field. 

Enjoy today and do good!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Project Life Week 1

I am so excited to get started on Project Life for this year. While I am using an official Project Life album and page protectors, I decided to not use one of the core kits. As a recent college grad, it was much more cost effective for me to Pocket Pages from me and my BIG ideas. These cards fit right in the pockets just like Project Life core kits.

A lot of people have very detailed organizing systems for their Project Life supplies. Truthfully, our craft space is in need of some redesign and organization so I don't really have a system right now. I took all my pocket cards, separated them, and put them in this box. 

This is my cover page. The pictures are selfies and I cut out the monogram with my new Silhouette Cameo. I got the Silhouette for Christmas and so far I have loved using it. 

Next is Week 1! It features New Year's Eve festivities and how my family has been spending this winter. My style is pretty simple so I like to keep the embellishments pretty basic and focus on the pictures. 

Like I've said previously, documenting your life isn't just for people with kids. It is something I really enjoy and hope you consider doing. Remember, it can be a simple process. 
Enjoy each day and enjoy documenting it!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

After Christmas Sales

Today I enjoyed some awesome after Christmas sales and spending some of those Christmas gift cards. There were some great finds.
Active wear 40% off
Up to 80% off clearance items. I got the sequin dress (above) for just 11 dollars!
Anchor Sweater (below) $25, Previously $29.94

There was so much anchor clothing out! It was hard to contain this Delta Gamma alum. I got  the anchor print button up from Kohls on sale for $21.60. This shirt also comes in a blue stripe, pink stripe, or white. The sweater with coral anchors came from Old Navy. They also had the sweater with navy anchors and navy blouses with white anchors.
So many anchors!

Extra 15% off shoes, up to 60% off boots
The grey boots (above) I got were on sale for $20!!
The people at Sears were very nice and even ordered a pair of brown boots for me since they didn't have my size in stock. Plus, they are being shipped directly to my house for free!

7 for $26.50 Undies
Bras and Clothing $11.95 and up
50% off select styles
I didn't want to post a picture of my under garments, but I got a lot of stuff here! The bras I got were just $19.99. Their quality is great and if you have an Aerie loyalty card you get a free bra for every five you buy. I get all of my underwear and bras from here.

Other Sales going on:
H&M: Up to 70% off, Dresses are going for $10 and $15!
Lilly Pulitzer: New Year Cheer Sale starting 1/5/14.
Marley Lilly:Flash Sale! Fleece jackets, pullovers, vests, jewelry, etc. FREE pink statement necklace with $50 purchase.
Forever 21: Extra 30% off all sale items

Take advantage of these great sales and enjoy using those Christmas gift cards!

Friday, January 3, 2014

January Reads

Looking for ways to enjoy your day when its 3 degrees outside? I believe in the power of a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and a good book. Here is what I am reading this month:
The Shoemaker's Wife by Adriana Trigiani
I am reading this best seller for free right now! Kentucky libraries offer digital books and audiobooks for download. All you need is a card from your local library. I love being able to check these books out for free without having to leave home. Check out Kentucky Libraries Unbound (it is super easy to use!) or see if your state library offers a similar program.
I thought the book was a little slow at first but I'm getting more interested as the different storylines intertwine. Described as, "a breathtaking multigenerational love story that spans two continents, two World Wars, and the quest of two star-crossed lovers to find each other again," the book has rave reviews. Look into it if you are a fan of historical fiction like me!
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
Ok, I know I am behind on this one so I have to catch up. This was TIME Magazine's #1 fiction book of 2012. Plus, I got a Barnes and Noble gift card for Christmas and the book is on sale there for $9.99! Mine shipped the day after I placed my order.
The book focuses on the experience of Hazel, a 16 year old cancer patient, who meets Augustus Waters at a support group. This looks to be both full of humor and emotion.
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
This book has recently become popular because of the movie released this past November. However, I've hear the book is better than the movie (aren't they always?). This was also a Barnes and Noble purchase for just $7.35.
Another historical book (my favorite!), this one takes place in Nazi Germany. A young foster girl begins stealing books and learns to read. As she shares the books, she gains a unique set of friends.
These are the books I'll be enjoying this month! I'm also always open for book suggestions. I'll try to read just about anything so let me know if you've read a great book recently.
Stay warm!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Project Life

One of my favorite hobbies is scrapbooking and documenting my life. I love being able to look back on the memories and actually have printed photos. Becky Higgins developed a scrapbooking system called Project Life. It is about using a simple system to create albums that document your daily life. You can read more about Project Life on Becky's website.
In 2013 I completed a small album based off Project Life using the Simple Stories SN@P products. At first I was worried that my life would not be interesting enough to fill a whole album. Most people document their families and children while I was 21 and living alone. However, my album soon filled up with sorority events, hanging out with friends, and my student teaching experience.
Documenting your life isn't just for "grown-ups" or people with children! I highly recommend documenting your college years beyond your Facebook or Twitter page. Trust me, it will be something you enjoy looking back on long after college.
Here is the cover and some of the inside pages of my completed 2013 album.
(For some reason blogger isn't letting me resize some of the pics. Will try to fix soon!)
I really enjoyed making this album and have already started looking back at it. To see more of the awesome SN@P products visit the Simple Stories website.
This year I received a Project Life album for Christmas and will be using that system for 2014. I will share that project soon!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014

Happy New Year!!
I had a great night hanging out with friends, ringing in the new year, and kissing my love at midnight. Today we all got together for a fun lunch and then I enjoyed a much needed nap.
I wanted a new outfit to wear out for New Year's Eve but really didn't want to break the bank. I found a black skirt on the Khol's sale rack for $9! The pink sheer shirt was also from Khol's (Candies Brand) and was on sale for $15. I added a necklace ($18) for that touch of sparkle that every New Year's outfit needs.
Here is a close-up of the detail on the shirt.
Not only did I enjoy a fun night out with friends, I loved being able to look good on a budget.
Hello 2014! I'm ready for a great year :)