Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to Be Happy

There are several reasons why I am happy today. The most important being that it is my boyfriend's 22nd birthday! We enjoyed celebrating with friends and eating chocolate chip cookies :)

Another reason is that I am so happy that I am a sorority woman. Even though I am an alumna now, Delta Gamma continues to give back to me. Since my resolution this year is to focus on the word enjoy, I've recently been looking into books, blog posts, articles, etc. that are about enjoying life and being happy. Yesterday I got this awesome book from Delta Gamma in the mail and one of the topics is, "How to Be Happy".

Based on various research and studies, here are some keys to happiness as shared in this book.

-Staying busy
-Religion (no single religion claims the highest happiness level)
-Healthy Relationships
-Appreciating what you have

I agree that these items can help you maintain happiness. Happiness is a choice and I chose to enjoy life by staying busy, pursuing God and healthy relationships, and appreciating what I already have.

Finally, I have one more reason for enjoying today and being a sorority woman. I got my Anchora in the mail and it features Delta Gammas that are teachers! I can't wait to read about how my sisters are doing good in the education field. 

Enjoy today and do good!

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