Friday, August 17, 2012

Favorite Five Friday: College Wardrobe

When I came to college I wanted my wardrobe to mature a little. I no longer wanted to wear tees that said Aeropostale or American Eagle every day. Here are some of my wardrobe essentials for everything from work to class to just hanging out.

1.Khaki Pants
These are a must for job interviews, internships, award banquets, etc. An easy way to make it look like you put some effort into your outfit choice. I love my khaki pants from Old Navy! They come in a "short" size and are the perfect fit.

2. Cardigans
Again, an easy way to make you seem put together while keeping you warm in cold lecture halls. I usually find cardigans to be pretty affordable on a college budget by shopping at Target or H&M. I would suggest at least having a black cardigan but I have them in several colors.

3. Colorful Rain Boots
You will still have class on rainy days and nothing is worse than walking across campus in wet socks. Everyone will be checking out your boots and comparing them to see whose are cuter so go for something fun and colorful!

4. One Set of Cute Sweats
You will want at least one set of sweats that you aren't embarresed for people to see you in. Of course they are perfect for movie nights, sleepovers, and just hanging out in the dorms. My favorite sets come from Aerie.

5. Spirit Wear!
Show some school spirit in class or at games! Spirit wear comes in all forms and is almost always acceptable on a college campus so stock up! NKU just got a new bookstore and I am loving all of our new apparel.

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