Saturday, August 29, 2015

Humpty Dumpty Experiment

After a long week of MAPS testing, we were ready for some fun! We always start the beginning of the year with nursery rhymes. This week we focused on Humpty Dumpty, so we ended the week with an egg experiment.


You can download this free recording sheet that we used from I Heart Crafty Things.
Not only was this a lot of fun, it was also a simple way to introduce my students to the scientific process of creating a question, making predictions, and conducting an experiment.

I'm pretty sure the best part was my animated facial expressions ;) I was cracking up when I saw the pictures my paraeducator took! 

We conducted our experiment by wrapping the eggs in various materials then placing them in small plastic container. The students counted down and I dropped each container on the floor.

We thought it was so exciting to unwrap the egg and see if our predictions were correct!
We ended up with two eggs that didn't crack.

Next week we will move on to Hey Diddle Diddle and farm animals!

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