Friday, August 14, 2015

Five on Friday: Name Activities

What a week! We started school on Wednesday, so of course we have been very busy. 
The past three days we focused on learning our routines and working with our name. 
 Here are five different activities we did to practice our name.

1. First Letter Collage

We started with being able to recognize the first letter in our name. Students also learn how to use a glue stick properly and work on their fine motor skills by tearing the paper.

2. Name Puzzle

After writing the students' names on sentence strips, I allow them to practice their cutting skills by cutting the letters apart. We then practice putting them in order and naming each letter.

3. Rainbow Write

We use rainbow writing as a center throughout the year, so this is the perfect activity to introduce the concept. 

4. Self Portrait

This is our first piece of work that goes in the hallway. We talk about how to draw people and take our time with our art. At the bottom, students will write their name.

5. Shared Writing

We start this on the first day of school and complete it throughout the week. The students really get into it because I tell them that they can learn to read on the first day of school! Plus, they like using the smelly markers ;)

In just three days students can make considerable progress! Students who could not even recognize their name are now practicing writing the letters. 

I can't wait to see the progress they continue to make :)         

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