Friday, August 7, 2015

Five on Friday: Open House

I have been very busy this week preparing for my new class of kinder kiddos! Our open house is on Monday and they will start school on Wednesday.

These are five of my favorite things I have ready for open house.
1.Interactive Door Display
Each student gets an owl for their name and chooses where to put it on the door. Instant ownership of the classroom. Even if they all end up near the bottom ;)

2.Student Gifts
Each student receives a book from our resource center and a bag of Jitter Glitter! I don't know who wrote the original Jitter Glitter poem, but you can find many variations of it on Pinterest. It is so cute to look down at their little heads on the first day and see some of their glitter still stuck in their hair :)

3.First Homework Assignment
I give the students their first homework assignment at open house. It is a family project to help us get to know the students. I also send home the small poster boards with them.

4."Owl" About Me Form
I ask each parent to fill out an "Owl" About Me page giving us a little information about their student and family. You can download your own version for free on my TPT store!

5. Photo Booth!

So fun! I have this up for open house and the first day of school so parents can have a little photo op.

And it includes fun props I made with my Silhouette! 

I am so excited for my new students to get here! Kindergarten Rocks!

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