Wednesday, August 26, 2015

WWW Wednesday: Managing Snack

Hello everyone and welcome to another What Went Well Wednesday!
Last year I developed an effective snack routine with my kinders and am already implementing it with my students this year.
It keeps everything running smoothly and keeps the classroom nice and clean.

We have snack time right after literacy centers and the students know that the quietest table gets their snack first. I then release students by their tables to get their snack out of their backpack. Students are responsible for bringing their own snacks, but I always keep extras on hand in case someone forgets.

My paraeducator and I ask the students to try opening their snacks to help build their independence. Then we circulate to help anyone still struggling. After the students are done eating, they are allowed to come to the carpet for brain break time. They know that they are not allowed to come until all of their snack trash is cleaned.

We use the wide variety of videos offered on the free website GoNoodle.  
It gets the students' wiggles out before specials classes and keeps them occupied while their friends are still eating.

I also have two jobs each week that are part of the "Clean-Up Crew". These students get to use my special sweepers that were purchased from the Dollar Tree. They sweep up any crumbs that happened to find their way onto the floor.

This simple routine keeps everyone busy and our classroom clean! It especially helps since students finish eating at different times. I am always a fan of getting students moving :)

Have a great Wednesday and happy snack time! :) 


  1. I love your little sweepers from the Dollar Tree. I will be on the lookout for those the next time I visit. It is so important that the kids open their own snacks and clean up after themselves.

  2. These are great ideas! The sweepers are awesome! I love how you are fostering independence during all times of the day. Great post, thanks for sharing!