Wednesday, September 2, 2015

2015 Classroom Reveal

Thank you to Schroeder Shenanigans and Lucky Little Learners for hosting another awesome link up! This month everyone is sharing their classroom reveal. I can't wait to see all of the awesome ideas!

Creating a classroom really is a labor of love. Being a second year teacher, my classroom is mostly made up of hand me downs and yard sale purchases. Also, keep in mind that we have already been "living" in our room for about a month. It might not be perfect, but its our home away from home.

Welcome to Ms. Harlan's Classroom! 

I kept the owl theme for this year, but I've already picked out my theme for next year!
This is our main carpet area in front of the SMART Board and calendar bulletin board. The numbers on the wall are crooked because they are attached with velcro and the students remove/replace them by themselves.

We complete part of our calendar routine on the SMART Board, but we also keep a calendar, our job chart, or growing number line, and some other odds and ends on the bulletin board.
 You can see more details about this board on my #2getherwearebetter post from last month.

One of my favorite parts of the classroom is our reading and writing area! This includes the library, listening center, and writing center. I change out the materials in this are regularly depending on what we are learning.
There are clothespins attached to the wall to easily switch out anchor charts. You can see that there is also a small clothesline for displaying student work. 
The little blue chair came from a yard sale and the cushions are actually for lawn chairs.
This area is where we keep our workstations/centers and materials for indoor recess. The easel is another yard sale purchase and the kiddos love it! It was definitely worth the 5 bucks!

Here is where I conduct small groups during literacy and math blocks. I have some more clothespins on this wall for rotating anchor charts. I keep all of our small group materials on the white bookshelves. The number posters and small easel are from Really Good Stuff.

Now you are looking at our back wall. You can see our awesome color wall! Look for an upcoming post about that project. I use this bulletin board for displaying student work throughout the whole year. Underneath it is the blue table that we use for computers.

And finally, the desk area! This area is kind of my catch all. The top owl print is from the Dollar General and I painted the bottom one myself. I keep my master copy binders on the top shelf, instructional books on the second shelf, my read alouds on the third shelf, and my snack stash on the fourth shelf (Everyone has one of those, right?) 

My favorite things in this area are the giant clipboards and the personalized candy dish my sister made for me! The clipboards came with school scrapbook kits and I am not sure that they are available any more.

It may not be much, but it is just right for us!
Thank you for stopping by my classroom!


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