Friday, January 30, 2015

Math Freebies

I called this the week of the math freebies. I finally downloaded/printed/laminated all of the awesome freebies that I've found on Pinterest. I have no idea how teachers did it before Pinterest. 

Here are some of the freebies in action during centers this week.
 Arctic Addition: Choose a card with an addition problem, solve the problem, and cover the answer. A great color version is also available.

Snowflake Tally Marks: A simple cut and glue sheet. Great practice for this new skill.

Hot Chocolate Subtraction/Addition: This is technically Christmas themed, but the kids didn't really notice. We had been practicing addition and subtraction with marshmallows anyway, so it fit right into our unit.

Here is a compiled list of where you can get the freebies I used this week. Kuddos to these creative teachers!

Arctic Addition by Rowdy in Room 300
Snowflake Tally Marks by The Printable Princess

Oh and one more! I don't have pictures of it, but we use these cute penguin mats to practice addition stories today. The kiddos used goldfish crackers to tell their stories. It was during one of my observations and worked great!

Penguin Mats by Kroger's Kindergarten 

I spend way too much time on Pinterest, so follow me on there for ideas by season/theme and subject.

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