Saturday, January 17, 2015

January in Kindergarten

We have been enjoying lots of winter activities this week in kindergarten. Our hot chocolate subtraction mugs and The Snowy Day art are currently on display.

We had used marshmallows for a Christmas project, and of course I bought way too many! This hot chocolate project was great for using some of those marshmallows. I gave each of the students 6 marshmallows to start with. They then had to roll a die to see how many they got to eat. We used those numbers to create a subtraction number sentence.
We also read The Snowy Day this week to introduce personal narrative writing. Then we drew our favorite parts of the story. You can see that we are working hard on labeling our illustrations!
On Friday, we took a break from our personal narrative writing to learn about Martin Luther King Jr. Day. If you haven't discussed it yet, here are some great free resources!

This was just the right length and amount of info for my kinders. We watched the video and then made a graphic organizer about what we learned.

As we were reviewing sentence structure, we did a shared writing piece about what we could do to fulfill MLK Jr.'s dream.
Download this FREE writing paper from Kathy Romano and Christina Murphy.
We also colored a picture of MLK Jr. for our hallway display. You can download several FREE coloring pictures from Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas.

I can't believe January is almost over! It will be time for Valentine's Day ideas soon. Enjoy the long weekend!

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