Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dollar Tree Center

I am always searching for easy center ideas that will keep my kinders engaged. I have seen several games on Pinterest where students "feed" some kind of animal made from recycled detergent containers, tupperware, etc. When I found this little trash can at the Dollar Tree, I knew he would be perfect! I added some googly eyes, wrote some sight words on index cards, and instantly had a new center.
We call it "Feed the Monster".  I had the little monster sitting out and the students were immediately interested when they entered the classroom. The students take turns drawing a card and reading the sight word on it. If they read they word correctly, they get to feed the card to the monster. We will add more sight words to the pile as the year progresses.

Not only do I like this center because it reinforces sight words, the kinders really got a kick out of feeding the monster. I love hearing, "Ms. Harlan, I like this game!" when we are learning. 

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