Sunday, April 5, 2015

Weather Sneek Peak

I have had a great spring break! I completed the Color Me Rad 5k, went to the movies, had a pampering day, and spent time with family.

Of course, there was also some work mixed in there too. There is always something to be done for a teacher. I was busy getting ready for this coming week's unit on weather and seasons!
In addition to the books I got out for the students, I also went through my Scholastic book box and pulled out the books I want to use for read alouds. I got all of these books free for our classroom based on teacher points! As a new teacher, Scholastic has been instrumental in providing my classroom with books.
Here is a little sneak peek at our weather week with resources that I will be using. 

Monday:  We will start with a KWL chart about weather and seasons to connect to the students' prior knowledge. We will then create a chart that depicts and describes each season.

Tuesday: We will read Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and complete the free writing prompt from First and Second Grade Fever.

Wednesday: We will read Little Cloud by Eric Carle and the students will draw and write about their own cloud.

Thursday: We will discuss rain and simulate a rain cloud using water and shaving cream.

Friday: I really want to take the kiddos on a nature walk and discuss the five senses, but the weather for this week is look awful. If the walk does not happen we will still discuss the senses and what we see, feel, and hear during the spring time. We will be using one of the prompts from my Spring Writing Prompts packet. 

We will also be using my Spring Weather Journal FREEBIE! Download it now and enjoy your week!
Spring Weather Journal

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