Friday, April 17, 2015

Dinosaur Week

Today we wrapped up our fun unit on dinosaurs! You can see my previous post for a couple of resources we used earlier in the week. Yesterday we made shape dinosaurs and dinosaur fossils.

I used the Ellison die cutting machine to cut out pattern block shapes from construction paper. The rest of the project was up to the students' creativity! They loved creating their own dinos.

We used Crayola air dry clay and Dollar Tree dinosaurs to create the dinosaur fossils. We let them dry over night and the kiddos took them home in plastic baggies today. We discussed how real fossils are made, the job of a paleontologist, and what "extinct" means.
I created a Dino-mite door to display all of our dino themed work from this week. I love displaying student work in as many places as possible. 

Here are some other dino-mite resources we used throughout the week that are free:

Dinosaur Make Ten True/False by First Grade Kate 
Dino Dominoes by Wild About Teaching
Number Line Addition and Subtraction by The Teaching Treehouse

Next week we are on to plants!

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