Wednesday, April 15, 2015

If I met a dinosaur...

We have been having a blast this week learning about dinosaurs! The kiddos absolutely love all of the dino activities. I am also happy to say that I completed my KTIP internship making this week even better.
Here are just a couple of the resources and activities that we have been enjoying.
First off, the Dinosaur Literacy and Math Activities pack from Ms. Makinson has been awesome! We have used these activities during centers every day this week. Today the kiddos wrote about what they would do if they met a dinosaur. I loved reading their hilarious answers!
We also read Dinosaur Farm  by Frann Preston-Ganoon. It was a great read aloud and my students thought it was hilarious. They were practically rolling on the floor when the baby dinosaurs started biting the farmer.
Tomorrow and Friday we will be making fossils and shape dinosaurs so see the next post for those projects! Our dino door will also be complete.  

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