Friday, March 20, 2015

St. Patrick's Week

Another crazy week! Between meetings and my KTIP unit, I am definitely ready for spring break. Only one more week to go!
This week was packed with St. Patrick's day activities. Leading up to the big day we had talked about leprechauns. The students were doing some intense thinking about whether they thought leprechauns were real or not. After reading The Night Before St. Patrick's Day, they were all ready to set traps for the leprechauns.
The students found leprechaun hand prints all around the room when they came in the next morning! He even left them some gold. But, as the kiddos say, "He is tricky!" Turns out the gold was really just chocolate ;)

We searched for sight words hidden in a leprechaun picture with our magnifying glasses.
This was a huge hit! I'll be looking for more of these pages to use.

Of course we had to sort Lucky Charms during math centers.
Here are some other activities we did throughout the week.

The students were able to cut the pieces out for this puzzle and take it home to practice counting by tens. 
One of my favorite things was reading how my students were going to catch a leprechaun. They had some pretty creative ideas. 

Even with all the craziness we still had a fun green-filled week!
 I was especially happy that all of these activities were free :) See them below and save or pin them for next year! 

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