Saturday, March 28, 2015

March Madness Addition

This week we finished up our March Madness themed lessons. They were so much fun!
One of our math centers focused on addition stories. The students got five chances to shoot an easter egg into the basketball basket I got at the Dollar Tree. 

After shooting, the students had to work with their teammate to fill out the addition story and write an equation showing how many points they made.

This center was so easy to set up and kept all of the students engaged! They wanted to see which teams could get the most points.
We also incorporated several other basketball activities into our lessons this week. You can see the students using the number line cards below. Click on the links below for more basketball ideas that we used. Oh, and go CATS!

Basketball Syllables by Live Laugh I Love Kindergarten
Madness in March Core Training by Primary Graffiti

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