Friday, February 27, 2015

Zookeeper Measuring

Welcome to the Zoo!

I was trying to think of something fun for the kiddos to measure and dug these old Beanie Babies and stuffed animals out of my parents' garage. It was a huge hit!
We talked about zookeepers and that their job is to take care of animals. Then the students got to take their turn being a zookeeper.

Each student chose an animal to do their measuring report on. When they were done with their report, they were able to measure the other animals. We said that they were baby animals so we had to be very careful with them. The kiddos ate it up and were hilarious interacting with the toys!

Here is a look at one of the finished reports. You can snag it for free on my Grow and Enjoy TPT page!

Today we moved on to weight. The students made predictions about which animals they thought would be the lightest/heaviest. We then compared them in our pan balance.

I love that these activities kept the students engaged. They took their jobs very seriously! I knew those old Beanie Babies would come in handy someday. ;)

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