Thursday, February 19, 2015

February Birchbox

My February Birchbox came with 5 great sized samples. I still love getting my box each month and trying each of the samples. I am able to get multiple uses out of each sample and discover new products.

Here is what I thought of the samples this month:

This eyeliner made me a convert to liquid! I was surprised at how easy it was to apply. Way more precise and closer to the lash line than regular eyeliner. I also love that it didn't smudge when I applied my eyeshadow. This was my favorite sample this month!

I've been in desperate need of a make-up remover, so I was very excited to try this sample. My eyeshadow came off with just one swipe. The liquid eyeliner took a couple swipes, but came off gently. No stinging, redness, or irritation with this formula.

I kind of felt like I was putting juice on my fave when I used this gel. It has a refreshing scent and I feel like it woke my skin up in the morning. Love that it uses natural ingredients as well. My skin was clean, but I felt like it might have been a little too intense for my skin type.

Another product that uses natural ingredients! I love when I don't have to put parabens and chemical on my hair or skin. This conditioner has a great subtle lemon scent and felt light on my fine hair. Plus, it is made with sustainable packaging and the brand donates a portion of proceeds to support honeybee research at the University of California. I typically wouldn't spend this much on a conditioner, but BeeKind is a company doing great things!

This was my least favorite sample this month. I didn't think that it blended well and it felt cakey not long after application. It looks ok in the pictures below, but I didn't really like the finish when you looked closer. I'll be sticking to my Dr. Jart cream. 

Even though I've been snowed in for a week now, it was a great chance to try out these products. The no filter pictures below were taken after using each of these products.
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Stay warm!

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