Friday, July 27, 2012

Sally Hansen Nail Stickers Tutorial

For my birthday my sorority Big, Mollie, gifted me with a set of Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail stickers. This was my first time using them and I couldn't wait to try them out. The set includes 16 nail stickers, a nail file, and cuticle stick for about nine dollars at drugstores. (Sorry for the picture quality, these were all taken with my phone.) I had Mollie teach me how to apply them since I am a little challenged when it comes to doing my own nails.

How to apply:
  • Start with clean nails and choose the strip that best fits the shape of your nail.
  • Tear off the end of the strip and peel off the back so that the sticky part is exposed.
  • Line up the edge of the strip with your cuticle and cover your nail with the sticker.
  • Using the nail file, smooth the sticker across your nail. Then crease the extra part of the strip across the end of your nail.
  • Trim the excess part of the sticker. We found the best way was to use the cuticle stick included to gently tear the sticker along the crease you made.
The finished product:

After Mollie taught me, I tried to apply one of the stickers by myself and it was pretty easy. There are 16 stickers in a pack so you have extras in case you mess one up or need a touch up.I've had them on for about three days and so far they still look pretty good.
I have received a lot of compliments on them and was pleasantly surprised that people actually think that it is painted on. I love the polka dot design, but they also have animal prints, lace, plain colors, and more.

I would definitely use these again for everyday wear or a special event like a sorority formal when I don't want to spend a lot of money to get my nails professionally done. If you are like me, painting your nails with the left hand just isn't pretty so this is a nice alternative. Because the stickers don't match up perfectly with your nail shape, I would suggest getting a regular manicure for interviews, pictures, etc. when you want a perfectly polished look. 

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