Sunday, July 22, 2012

Free Events!

Who doesn't love free events? The summer orientation leaders were gifted with free tickets for a suite at the roller derby yesterday! Naturally, we were curious to see what actually happens at a roller derby having only seen them in movies. I talked my orientation small group partner, Chanell, into going with me so that we could mark this event off of our bucket list.
We definitely felt like V.I.P. in our super cool suite! Not only did it include comfy seats, there is a mini-fridge, T.V., bar area, and personal bathroom. Here we are checking it out:

Thankfully the event program included a guide to the basics of roller derby or I would have been completely lost! Each team has a "jammer" that tries to break through the other team during a "jam". After the jammer breaks through, they can score points for each subsequent time they pass the other team. There are different types of blocks the teams can use but I wasn't advanced enough to learn those. Oh, and of course this is all on skates! This would definitely not be the sport for me because I am an awful skater! One of the most entertaining parts for the orientation leaders was learning all the nicknames of the girls. You can imagine the fun they had cheering for "Spank You Very Much" and others humorous nicknames.  
With summer coming to a close this was a great opportunity to mark something off our bucket list for free! If you want to mark "attending a roller derby" off your bucket list or learn more about it check out the Black-N-Bluegrass Roller Girls.

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