Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trivia Night Fundraiser

These past few days I have been super busy with class and campus events. Just this past weekend one of the organizations that I am in hosted a trivia night on campus. As Norse Leadership Society we sponsor leadership development events throughout the year including a retreat to Gatlinburg, TN for upperclassmen and a white water rafting trip in West Virginia for freshmen. To raise money for these retreats we invited teams of up to eight people to compete in ten rounds of trivia. The trivia categories range from cats to football and boy bands.
I was able to get a beautiful team of Delta Gamma's to come out and support trivia night :)  They were very proud that they got all of the questions in the boy band category correct.
This is the second year that we have held this event and as you can see, we had a great turn out! Each person pays an entry fee and teams have the option of buying one answer per round. We offered the teams free food and prizes for the top two teams. At the end of the night we raised over $2,500 dollars.
Most importantly, it was fun for those that participated and worked the event. A little friendly competition gets stirred up and all of the teams cheer like crazy when they get an answer right.
This would be a great event to start on your campus. We came up with the categories, used a space on campus, and got most of the food donated so there was little money coming out of our pocket. The key to success is of course advertising and making sure your members get out and recruit teams. 

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