Monday, October 8, 2012

Sorority Big Little Reveal

My last post was about all of the cool gifts I made for my Little sister in Delta Gamma. Now on to the fun details about how they revealed who the Big sisters were.
The Littles recieved small gifts and clues about who their Big was for three days. On the night of the third day we had reveal. At reveal all of the Bigs hid pin boxes that we made with our Little's name on them. Once the Little found the pin box they had to put on the sock that was with it. All of the Bigs were behind a long line of blankets with our foot sticking out. The Little had to stand in front of the hidden person that had on a sock that matched their sock.
Me and my Big hiding from our new Littles!
Here is my Little and new Twiddle waiting to see who their Bigs are.
We counted to three and everyone dropped their sheets at the same time. Here is the big moment!
Then the Littles got the rest of their gifts and got to put on their family stich shirt.
My Family Tree

 My Little, Twiddle, and Me
I loved doing our reveal this way and am so happy to have added a Little, Twiddle, and Two cousins to my DG family!


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