Monday, December 30, 2013

Enjoy Each Day

With the beginning of the new year, I decided to revisit and rename this blog. The main reason is because I graduated college less than three weeks ago. The title "Things College Students Love" isn't really appropriate any more. Plus my planner now looks like this:
Nothing happening. People keep asking me what I am going to do now and I give them the vague answer of, "Get a job." That's what I'm supposed to do right? While I am working on getting a job, the education market isn't that great in December. 
I was the type of person that had everything planned out from high school through college. I had goals and knew exactly how I was going to reach them. Then, when I realized that I had absolutely no concrete plans for life beyond college, I had a slight freak out moment. 
My determination isn't a bad thing, but it sometimes led me to move through life too fast. My new goal as I enter 2014 is to purposefully find ways to enjoy life. The small everyday moments and the big ones. Hey, I'm only 21 and maybe if I focus on enjoying life it will all fall into place ;) Here's to welcoming 2014!

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