Tuesday, December 31, 2013

21 at 21 Bucket List

One of the ways that I am going to be purposefully enjoying each day is by trying to mark some things off my bucket list. A few of these items are long term goals or things that I know won't be feasible for this coming year. They are simply things that I know I want to do in the future.

For right now, I came up with 21 things to correspond to my age; but, I think bucket lists can grow  and evolve. I will probably add more items as time goes on. The key to my bucket list is that these are all items that I believe I can accomplish and that I think I will truly enjoy. They did not come from a list of "What every 20-something should do." They are specific to my life and interests.

Listed in no particular order:

1.Graduate with my Bachelor's Degree. Done!
2. Marry my other half.
3.Buy my own car.
4.Travel out of the country.
5.Learn basic sign language.
6. Beat my 5K time.
7.Have a Harry Potter marathon.
8.Visit Harry Potter Studios.
9.Earn my Master's Degree.
10. Start a family.
11.Learn to make pasta from scratch.
12. Visit every stop on the Bourbon Trail.
13.Camp for at least one night.
14. Serve as a Delta Gamma officer advisor.
15. Take a road trip with my DG Big.
16. Ride in a hot air balloon.
17.Own a puppy.
18.See the Princess Diana exhibit.
19. Bet on a horse.
20. Make a pie.
21. Buy a house.

One down, only 20 more to go! I'm excited to work towards crossing some of these things of my list in 2014. Now to enjoy a night of New Year's Eve festivities!
Here is a wish for you in the coming year :)

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