Friday, July 10, 2015

2015 Classroom Goals

Ok, the end of the school year and starting grad school got me. But I have continued to be inspired by so many blogging teachers so I am finally making my return!
I have been reading several blogs of teachers who are doing a book study on Teaching with Intention by Debbie Miller. She has awesome suggestions, along with questions to get you thinking about your own classroom. 

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It is available from Amazon for less than $20 bucks!

After reflecting on the past year and with inspiration from this book, I am making some intentional classroom goals for this coming year.
This year I will intentionally:

1. Give students more choice in the classroom.
I chose this goal because I believe it will make my students more engaged in their work. I will focus on giving students seating and task choices during center time. Students will feel ownership and responsibility for their own learning.

2. Incorporate art into the classroom more consistently.
Because it supports listening standards, student creativity, and it is FUN!

3. Give students a purpose for learning.
I post the learning targets and we used them, but not consistently. This year we will use the targets from day one! 

Some of my smaller goals include introducing schema charts, reaching out to families through a (stuffed) class pet, and the use of hands on center activities.

Just thinking about these goals is already getting me excited for lesson planning! These goals will guide my choices throughout the year. I encourage you to pick up this book and make some of your own intentional goals for the classroom. 

It is all a part of growing and enjoying each day! :)

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